Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just to get the ball rolling...

I am soon going to be buying a new bong or some type. I have never owned a bong but I have smoked out of many different types (glass, acrylic, etc...). the piece I have right now is a crappy piece of crap me and my smoking buddy, kye, like to call the "crack pipe". I was hoping i could get some feedback on which type of bong i should purchase.
I would like my bong to be:
  • affordable (anything under $30 would be great)
  • Durable (I'm not going to take it with me into war, but i don't want something that will break the first time it falls over)
  • Stylish (I don't want to be smoking out of a giant glass penis)
If you have any in mind, let me know :).

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